Apa itu paper trade?


Salam Rookies

Apa tuh paper trade?

Basically paper trade ni utk train diri kita or prepare diri kita untuk do transactions in stocks sebelum kita actually invest dalam saham. Its a safe way and at the same time you can get experience and analyse mistakes that you’ve done. Ada orang kata paper trade and actual trade is not the same sebab paper trade xinvolve emotion whereas real trade involve real emotion sebab real money involve. Some argue no point paper trade ni.



I agree with the emotion part, but i disagree with latter. Xde effort yg go wasted, setiap paper trade kita buat build confidence and at the same time help us recognize trends especially kalo you jenis traders.



My famous quote la ” Lebih baik buat something dari xwat pape n sembang kosong”


I highly recommend this to rookies,newbies do your paper trades. Xyah pk system2 complex nak kena excell, buku nota pun dah sufficient. Yang penting stop giving excuses and start doing.


Saya share one paper trade saya buat sejak launch paper trade group for my RSG students last week


Set a goal for your 2017 paper trade. Set modal and goal must always exceed ASB by end of your paper trade in 2018. Kalo you yang jenis long term player then set the paper trade to at least 3 years and investors stock does not move that fast. Take the average later.





Return shown are net returns(untung bersih)


Selamat Ber paper trade rookies.

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